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What Others Think About Harrison Gevirt
What Others Think About Harrison Gevirt
Danny Morici profile picture Danny MoriciDanny Morici · 3rdThird degree connection Daniel Morici IncDaniel Morici Inc November 14, 2013, Danny worked with Harrison but they were at different companiesNovember 14, 2013, Danny worked with Harrison but they were at different companies Harrison is by far the most creative and pure money making machine's I've worked with in the space. I look forward to working with Harrison for many years to come.
Danny Morici
Danny Morici Inc
Prime example of someone who knows what they want out of life right out of the gate. Harrison has drive that will eventually lead him to any path that he chooses. It has been a real pleasure working alongside him over the years. His ability to work with other people and network is above the rest. I highly recommend any business or clients that are in doubt about this guy to erase the doubt and work with this real professional. 🙂
Alex Pachan 🥊
Partner at BrandTKO.com
Harrison is an incredibly professional, and overall person in the Advertising Industry. Not only do I value him as a colleague, but I also value his expertise, knowledge and positive attitude!
Ryan Eagle
Xcell Fund
Harrison is one of the smartest, and bright young men I've ever talked to. I wish all people were more like him. This guy knows his stuff!
Randall Cornett
Harry blows me away with his knowledge of the internet space. I have worked with Harry in some capacity for a few years now and have been impressed since day one. He is an accomplished go-getter who is innovative, brilliant, and knows what an audience responds to. In addition, he is incredibly funny. I am delighted to work with him!
Vanessa M. Branco
Marketing and Sales Professional